I was introduced to Yoshi's Japanese Acupuncture in June 2006. Prior to beginning treatments by Yoshiko Kage, L.Ac I had been experiencing severe pain in my neck, low back and hip joints and was sleeping only 3 or 4 hours per night. The quality of my life left much to be desired. Yoshi's treatment methods have brought me a great measure of relief over my former pain level. I feel relaxed and refreshed to take on whatever each day brings. Bless you, Yoshi!
Dianne S. -Stockton, CA

Yoshiko Kage's acupuncture treatments dramatically decreased the frequency of the headache that would awaken me every night at 3 am as well as a profound reduction in the IBS symptoms that had become nearly incapacitating. I started seeing her after fruitless attempts to find relief with Western Medicine. I developed post-traumatic fibromyalgia after an auto accident in 2006. Nearly a year after completing the acupuncture treatments, I remain much stronger. I highly recommend Ms. Kage for her knowledge, thoroughness, and personality.
Diane Loux, MSN, FNP

Yoshi, Thank you so much for your commitment to health and healing the "whole" person. Your knowledge and experience are a true blessing. Thank you for giving me my life back! I'm free from the pain in the neck, back, and arm now.
Fondly, Karen. -Roseville, CA.

After having Yoshiko Kage give me acupuncture treatments the severe pain I was experiencing went away! My name is Carlos L. About a year ago, I developed acute pain in my lower neck, upper back and left shoulder. I saw three doctors. Two of them strongly suggested surgery. Since undergoing acupuncture treatment, the strength in my left arm has increased, and I can work and sleep comfortably. Upon observing my improvement, the third doctor who was counseling me for surgery, changed his diagnosis about me having any surgical procedure for my back at this time.
Thank you, Yoshiko,
Carlos L. Percussionist/Muralist

I met Yoshiko Kage in June 2005. I was 45 years old and thinking my only option to feel good again was to have a hysterectomy. Three doctors would not perform the surgery and suggested medication. This was not an option for me. Then I met Yoshiko Kage and my life has been transforming ever since.

Yoshiko treated me for pre-menopausal symptoms which included headache, migraine, fatigue, sleeplessness, hot flashes, uncontrollable crying and a profound spiritual sadness. Through regular acupuncture sessions combined with herbal prescriptions designed specifically for my condition, I am nearing 50 and am my spirit is content.

I also suffered from chronic constipation. My mother even said, "You were like this as a baby." As you can imagine, this would be a difficult condition to overcome. But I was confident in Yoshiko and through her treatments and nutritional guidance I am physically balanced.

A year ago, I had a bi-lateral bunionectomy. I spent the first month in a wheelchair and returned to work full-time within 8 weeks. Yoshiko treated my post-surgery condition, not just for the pain in my feet, but for the fatigue and weakness that comes from surgery. She explained that my surgery was like a refrigerator had been dropped on my feet. Just because I didn't feel anything during the surgery doesn't mean my body wasn't traumatized. It was greatly traumatized and this explanation gave me the determination to follow her guidance and care throughout the months ahead.

Within one year, I am walking, running, jumping and can stand on my toes. I have regained my energy and strength and this is truly miraculous! Yoshiko healed my body, and the journey with her has been extraordinary. Yoshiko's love for healing is felt through her hands and caring heart. I recommend Yoshiko Kage to anyone who desires to heal from the inside out.
Rhonda L. -Stockton, CA.

I started seeing Yoshiko Kage approximately four years ago. My left leg and ankle had been swollen for some time and my Primary Care Physician (PCP) had only suggested that I take more diuretics for the edema. My daughter, Rhonda L, suggested that I see Yoshiko. Within a relatively short time there was a marked improvement in the swelling and I decreased the use of the pills.

I also had heart palpitations and was taking a prescription drug called Toprol. With Yoshiko's treatment and information regarding sugar and what it does to the body I was able, with my PCP's approval, to stop the use of that drug.

I had nightmares every night for years and with treatment my nightmares became regular dreams, when I dream at all, which is a major improvement in my life.

Yoshiko is not only a wonderful acupuncturist and teacher, but is also considered a part of our family. I highly recommend her.
Betty F. -Stockton, CA.